Watercolor meditation set


Close your eyes. Breath in. Listen to your soul whispering. Breath out. It’s time. Open your eyes. Switch on your favorite music. Open your tin of watercolors. Smell them. Wake them up gently with a drop of water. Make some tea. And here you go. Water flows, pigments dance, your eyes are observing and your hands know what to do. You lose yourself in the magic of watercolors. You watch the paint dry and find it the most beautiful thing in the world at this moment. Your playlist is over, the teapot empty and your soul is smiling. It feels heard and nourished. You have your watercolor board in front of you. You can leave it as it is and you can wash it off. As you feel today. 

We love playing with watercolors and we have found a great way to make it a daily habit without leaving piles of paper. We have found Ampersand TM claybord a perfect solution for it. It is a specially coated board that allows playing with watercolors and washing them away when done. Thus giving us the possibility to play many times without spending paper. If you want to keep what you have created, you can make a photo or if you really want to keep the board the way it looks – just do it! There are some other bords in this world waiting to be painted again.

We have carefully selected a palette that works perfectly with this claybord. These pigments look nice together and they can be washed off. Not all pigments allow this due to the specific coating. These 15 are tested and don’t stain the bord. The watercolor meditation set includes these 15 watercolors in a tin with a sliding lid:

zinc white – makes everything airy, creamy, and soft

gold ochre – beautiful warm yellow earth giving a feeling of sunshine

English red – another earth in warm red tone – grounding and soothing

ultramarine rose – light aristocratic clear pink that lights up everything in a bit romantic way

wild berry – beautiful purple reminding childhood pancakes with a wildberry jam

contemporary vermilion – beautiful pure red – the color of passion and life force

rhubarb – the natural mustard green color of budding blossoms

solstice fern – natural green of the most powerful night of the year

forest green – deep warm color of shadowed welcoming path in deep dense forest

forget me not blue – the name tells everything – beautiful light blue of fragile yet powerful flowers

French ultramarine – bluest of all blues – like sky in the sunny summer afternoon reflected in the water

indigo – earthy dark blue that has traveled through centuries and has soothed our souls and bodies around the world

dragonfly – color of dragonfly wings and southern lagoons

river – greenish blue color of deep river waters filled with rich light of darkness

mars – granulating drama.

We find these colors are covering a wide range of moods and emotions as well as gives enormous possibilities of colors to play with.

Be gentle with the bord – gentleness makes it live longer. You might have a temptation to wash the bord more rigorously, but please hold yourself back. As it is a clay it absorbs water unevenly and might look “dirty”. It is just a different level of water amount in it – it will dry evenly white. We use just our fingertips, lukewarm water, and sometimes a small dash of dishwashing soap. Don’t use any sponges and avoid any materials that could scratch the delicate surface. Gentle washing will make it last longer. Even though the bord is not eternal, it will wear off with time but you can always replace it.

You can choose to buy just a set of watercolors and buy your Ampersand TM claybord locally to avoid carbon footprint (they have also other sizes). The same about the brush – you can choose to have it with your bord from us or not. Any watercolor brush works for this. We chose sumi-e brushes that have the meditation code in their soul and they are perfect for watercolors.

All our watercolors are artist-grade with a minimum lightfastness rating 6 out of 8 (scaled to last 50+ years without significant change). You can use this set on paper – just as regular watercolors. They mix nicely with other natural and human-made pigments. For best performance add a few drops of water some minutes before starting to paint. It will reactivate the pigment and will be more fluid.

All our watercolors are handmade from pigment or pigment mixes, binders, and essential oils as conservative. Binder is made by ourselves from gum arabic, natural honey, and water. Our watercolors have a flowery scent, with lemongrass as the top note and sandalwood in the base note

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