DeepDeepLight is a journey. It is about pigments traveling around the world. They have been traveling since the dusk of civilisation – from caves to bodies and from fireplaces to cave walls. Now they travel from their mining and growing places to tiny handmade watercolour workshop and then further to artists all over the world.

This is a journey of people involved. We opened the door to miraculous pigment world, they tell us their stories and we get deeper and deeper to create more light.

We want to create wild, alive & free watercolours. We want to share our responsibility for art with them. They are living partner in our art and we know how to make it our friend. We are thinking about the environmental impact of our paints and try to make them as guilt-free as possible. And it doesn’t mean that we stick to natural pigments only or will fill everything in nutshells. No. Nobody has calculated and compared the footprints of obtaining natural pigments and the ones created by humans in laboratories. And we want to create paints that will be loved and used, and not left as fancy presents on shelves in artists’ homes. We want you to give option to choose among pigments and make them a joyful addition to your watercolour palettes.

Our special treat are pigment mixes we design ourselves. We love granulating and separating pigments, that are a bit unpredictable and wild yet so alive and free that gives this deep deep light we all artists know.

With love from woods by the Baltic Sea

Agnese and Daina

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