Wanderlust Palette


Wanderlust palette was put together by our dear friend and our first ambassador and fan – Masha Zurikova. We share our watercolor journey with her and we have been wanderlust painting together so many times in very many places in Europe. Travel and painting for Masha and us go hand in hand and there is no proper journey or true holiday without a watercolor palette.

Here is what Masha is saying about her palette (all paintings in pictures of Wanderlust palette also by Masha):

“This palette represents my journey. You can pick it up whenever you need to break from everyday life and experience something new and unknown. You are not sure what it will be, so you will need a universal palette. This is it.

Every once in a while before summer I try to come up with a new palette to take with me while I am traveling. And every time after hours of searching I end up with a set of 10 colors and then a few extra depending on my mood. But these 10 colors always remain the same.

You can paint almost anything with this palette – from snowy mountains on a rainy day to sunny southern seaside landscape, from spring blooms to nuanced grey stones, from city streets to countryside meadows.

It is a very versatile palette, but the colors in it talk to each other in a nice dialogue, they support each other and allow you to enjoy their harmony. You can create limited palettes according to your mood, your surroundings and your story. The palette includes both single pigments and deep deep light mixes, so all colors mix together very well and open an enormous opportunity for new shades and tones, that would granulate beautifully.

This is a perfect palette to play, to search, to wander.”

Wanderlust palette comes in a pocket size tin with hinged lid and consists of 10 colors:

  • Asphalt
  • Burnt sienna
  • Masha’s  green
  • Gold ochre
  • Juniper shadow
  • Night raspberry
  • Rose ashes
  • Ultramarine rose
  • French ultramarine
  • Gerdas pink

Mixes nicely with other natural and human-made pigments. For best performance add a few drops of water some minutes before starting to work with it. It will reactivate the pigment and will be more fluid.

All our watercolors are handmade from pigment or pigment mixes, binders, and essential oils as conservative. The binder is made by ourselves from gum arabic, natural honey and/or glycerine, and water. Our watercolors have a flowery scent, with lemongrass as the top note and sandalwood as the base note

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